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  SHANDONG SUNWELL GREEN FOOD CO.,LTD, located in the hi-teach industry zone of shouguang City ,is renowed as the “hometown of vegetable production ”in China,our company registered capital of 30 million,SUNWELL boasts of more than 450 staff members. Company has been put into operation since 2003, by means of Shouguang vegetable industry platform and focuses on product development and technological innovation, with the "high-quality, healthy, green, fashion," the public face of consumer products. Company developed the production of "goods-dimensional" brand fruit and vegetable products four series of nearly 100 varieties, popular in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other domestic and foreign markets, favored by consumers.
  At present, the company's total assets reached 147 billion yuan; in foreign exchange of more than 1000 million; the company has standardized production workshop of 12,000 square meters and self-development and independent intellectual property rights of the production line 2, more than 3000 tons annual output of fruit and vegetable chips, fruit and vegetable juice drinks more than 2000 tons, self-associate green pollution-free fruit and vegetable production base in more than 50,000 acres, our company is a collection of planting materials, product development, production, processing and export trade as one of the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization.
  SUNWELL in the process of continual development and growth has always been to win market by quality, insist on self-innovation, and formed a "truth-dimensional materials, conduct world" business philosophy. In order to quality management and international standards to ensure food safety and hygiene quality of, In 2006 the company adopted the HACCP food safety control system certification, ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and market access standards QS certification; in 2007, certified by the U.S. FDA; in 2008 by the British Retail Association BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification, to obtain permits to enter the EU market; in 2009, "Commodities Victoria" brand fruit and vegetable products, through the first full Games Organizing Committee's stringent screening, be designated the Eleventh National Games products.
  To ensure the quality of raw materials, to achieve "production base of raw materials" of the strategic goals, companies under the new "base + farmers" interest linkage mechanism, expansion of the raw material base, and press the green food production standards, the establishment of raw material quality control system, from the source guarantee the good quality products. At all times, throughout the entire production process quality awareness, from plant design to raw materials acquisition, to processing of the production process, to product packaging market, were all in strict accordance with GMP, SSOP, HACCP and other standards conducted to ensure that all products are high-quality production, health, safety products. Weifang City in 2004 was named "private technology enterprises in Weifang City", was "The People's Republic of China Import and Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate", "Health Certificate"; in 2005 by Shandong Health Department as food hygiene "A-level unit" , Weifang City, "Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise", "top ten leading agricultural enterprises Shouguang City," and received "the implementation of enterprise products in Shandong Province Standard registration certificate", selected leading agricultural enterprise in Weifang City, 50; in 2006, "Goods-dimensional" brand products are fruit and vegetable chips Shouguang city government as "Shouguang local Cuisines", 2007, was named "Shandong Famous Brand", at the eighth China (Shanghai), food and beverage exhibition, innovative products award title; 2008, the company was named "Shandong agricultural industrialization leading enterprises." 2009 "product dimension" brand fruit and vegetable chips products, fruit and vegetable soft golden green-dimensional dynamic beverage products out of the Games to become the 11th designated products and of winter vegetable greenhouses to create the 20th anniversary of one of the top ten brands, and approved for the Weifang City Fruit and Vegetable Food Processing Engineering Technology Research Center.
  At present, "tons of instant vegetable further industrialization" has been launched. Construction of this project is conducive to full Shouguang Vegetable and fruit resources, through vegetable further promote the product upgrade, enhance agricultural value added, and mobilize their enthusiasm for production, increase employment, the project in line with national industrial policy and agricultural development. Construction of the project is conducive to give full play to local resources and characteristics, will be "Agriculture" harmonious development of society; project construction can improve the overall effectiveness of local agricultural products; project construction can speed up the process of agricultural industrialization; project construction can improve the land and labor resources rate. After completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 7,000 tons of vegetables, add instant to instant vegetable average selling price per ton 50,000 yuan terms, this project annual sales income of 35 billion profit and tax 52 million yuan.
  Sunwell health, healthy development, due to, at all levels of the "three rural", and agriculture-related business support, encouragement and inspiration. Looking ahead, we long way to go. We will continue adhering to the "truth-dimensional products, conduct the world" spirit of enterprise development strategies in the Yellow River Delta under the guidance of industrial management of agriculture persist in the path of development towards the three years to Zevi into a province with over 10,000 annual processing tons of modern medium-sized food enterprises to build a more prosperous new Shouguang building blocks, but also for the Chinese nation to make greater contributions to the food industry!

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